The Devil’s Dream Pipe

The Devil’s Dream Pipe

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The Devil’s Dream Pipe by CANNA’KëR is the ultimate one-hitter gravity bong. It functions by using gravity and escaping water to create smoke inside the pipe.

  • Extremely efficient way to smoke
  • Ultimate one-hitter pipe
  • Made of Glass (handle with care)
  • More info:

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The Devil’s Dream Pipe by CANNA’KëR is the ultimate one-hitter gravity bong. It functions by using gravity and escaping water to create smoke inside the pipe.

The Devil's Dream Pipe by CANNA'KëR

Hiking with the Devil

The Devil's Dream Pipe by CANNA'KëR

Fishing with the Devil

The Devil's Dream Pipe by CANNA'KëR

Partying with the Devil

The Devil's Dream Pipe by CANNA'KëR

The Devil’s Dream Pipe by CANNA’KëR

The Devil's Dream Pipe by CANNA'KëR

Are you down with the DDP?

The Devil's Dream Pipe by CANNA'KëR

You know me.

Product made of glass, plastic, and rubber. Assembled in the USA.

10 reviews for The Devil’s Dream Pipe

  1. Jared Christensen

    Great glass product with excellent engineering and works very effectively while keeping true to efficiency. Can’t beat this price either! Excited to be one of the first to use.

  2. Cooper

    This thing is amazing you only need to use a little to get desired results. I will probably save hundreds of dollars a year on this thing. Also caution to beginners you probably want to start with a very small amount.

  3. Nancy M.

    Just got this in the mail. It works like a charm. There’s instructions on the website if you don’t know how to use it. This thing will be saving me a lot of money. Wish I had one of these from the get go. Although as people has said on here, play it safe on your first time.

  4. Kal

    Pretty neat idea, except it’s a little inconvenient to have to stand over the sink to use it. It’s made of glass with a little plastic bowl and tube. Still, worth the price and very effective :~) Saves you money in the long run because you just need a little at a time. Seriously…don’t go crazy. I used too much the first time and I was questioning my own existence…

  5. Sarah West

    I have used multiple gravity pipes, this one is by far my favorite! Easy to use, easy to clean. The rubber on the outside of the product makes it easier to grip. If you haven’t tried this product, you need to!

  6. Heaven

    This pipe is by far the best “waterfall” style smoking device on the market for the price. I have experience with multiple pieces over my life but I’ve always loved the way a waterfall pipe/bong hit. There’s not a lot a pieces in the original waterfall style these days under $100+ and the handmade ones out of liquor bottles etc. I found were wayyy to big to fit in my small bathroom sink. I count myself lucky to have found this as it has: Perfect airflow, easy to hold once you get the hang of it all, YOU DONT HAVE TO USE A SCREEN FOR GROUND PRODUCT and best of all the glass is thick and it’s very well made, the bottle doesn’t get very dirty with heavy use but the stem does so it’s pretty easy to clean. It’s worth the money forsure.

  7. Zeg 1313

    This is a great little grav bong. Amazing. Only used once and barely put anything in it and was feeling good for about 3 hours. Could only imagine what doing a full bowl would feel like. So pros about this product include the can it comes in. It’s blocks the smell and has enough room to keep some product in it. Very convenient. Only down side is the stem isn’t glued very well and sometimes moves but it doesn’t effect how the overall product works. Buy it.

  8. joaquin garcia

    Very simple to use, the smoke is really smooth and tasty. It hits hard but it will not make you cough.

  9. manocheese

    Had it for a month or two, hits hard and is very conservative with the product.

  10. Violet

    It’s pretty alright. Does the job I need it to about as well as any other gravity pipe. I’ve got two criticisms of it though:

    1. The little handle on the side of the bowl is NOT safe to use to pull the bottle out, the whole bowl broke doing that 3 weeks after purchase. Please either start using bowls without handles on them, or warn your customers not to do that.
    2. The stickers, while held on by some pretty strong adhesive, will eventually come off, and I’m not too sure I want that adhesive in the water I’m using to smoke. Laser etching would be preferable here, or just nothing at all on the actual glass

    It’s nice having it in a little self contained unit, and the bowl was easy enough to replace with another slide.

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